Mudchooks Win Again!

The Mudchooks scored a good victory at Mick Sherd Oval last Saturday, defeating the Hall Bushrangers 22-19 in what – in the second half at least – was probably their best performance so far this year.

The game started an hour later than usual due to sharing the day with the Tigers rugby league team and the oval’s floodlights were turned at the start as it was known the game would finish in encroaching darkness. In what was a good day for Bungendore’s rugby teams –  the Mudchicks also won their away game. Two in a row for both our teams!

The Mudchooks continued to suffer from ongoing injuries which limited options and only two substitute players were available on the bench. The return to the team after a year off by flyhalf, director of traffic and goal kicker Tom Worman was a big plus.

With the Mudchooks playing into a strong wind in the first half the team did well to keep the score at 5-all until the last minute of the first half through an early try to Hall, matched later by one to the Chooks’ Jone Waqa.

Unfortunately the Bushrangers scored a converted try right on half time to make it 12-5 to them at the break, not too bad considering the wind, but it’s fair to say the Mudchooks had wasted some opportunities.

Coach Ray Caranese’s talk at half time had the desired effect, the team no longer needlessly kicking away possession or pushing passes which caused promising moves to break down.

The Chooks responded strongly, converted tries to prop Alex Ganchov and centre Maloni Tubekitu plus a penalty goal by Tom Worman took the team into the lead 22-12 as the second half wore on. Another converted try by the Bushrangers made it 22-19 in the game’s tense final minutes but the Mudchooks hung on to win.

Player awards and points for the game were:

Best and Fairest: Royal Hotel – Tom Worman (3 points),
Maloni Tubekitu (2 points),
Alex Ganchov and Kalib Maksimovic (1 point each).

Players’ Player: Mint Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – Tom Worman.
Coach’s Player: Bungendore Community Bank – Tom Worman.
Chicks’ Pick: MV Panel and Paint – Tom Worman.

A Good Day at the Park

Story by Stewart Wilson

It was a very good day for our club on Saturday with the Mudchooks and
Mudchicks taking on ADFA teams and emerging victorious in both cases
at a wet and soggy Mick Sherd Oval.

The Chooks’ win turned out to be emphatic in the end, 29-7 and
scoring five tries to one courtesy five-pointers to Kalib Maksimovic,
Joe Nagauna, Jone Waqa, Uraia Rabici and Finlay Rowston.

The game started in what seems to be standard procedure for the
Mudchooks this year – the opposition dominating possession and
launching attack after attack from close range in the early stages and
the defence holding firm.

After surviving that initial onslaught the tide began to turn in
favour of the Mudchooks, helped considerably by the dominance of their
scrum which repeatedly and strongly pushed the ADFA pack into reverse.
A couple of scrums went against the ADFA feed as a result, something
that always makes the forwards (and coach) very happy indeed!

The backs also did their jobs when called upon and a couple of their
moves which resulted in tries were good to watch.

The team still has several key players out through injury with the
result that some experimentation with playing positions continues, but
these generally worked pretty well against ADFA. For example, Harry
Baker did a great job playing halfback for the first time, his efforts
reflected in the match awards noted below.

A good result for the Chooks!

The team’s next game is against the Hall Bushrangers at the Mick
Sherd Oval next Saturday but note the starting time is 3.30pm, an hour
later than usual due to sharing the day with the Tigers.

The player awards and their sponsors for the ADFA match were:
Best and Fairest: Royal Hotel – Harry Baker (3 points), Jye Russell
(2 points), Joe Nagauna (1 point).
Players’ Player: Mint Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – Harry
Coach’s Player: Bungendore Community Bank – Harry Baker.
Chicks’ Pick: MV Panel and Paint – Maloni Tubekitu.

Mudchooks: Peaks and Valleys

Story: Stewart Wilson

“Rugby can be a cruel game,” I remember my coach at school saying more than five decades ago. “One minute you’re at the top of the mountain, the next you’re in the valley.” A wise man, he added: “But don’t worry, this can apply to any sport, and the top of the mountain will come again.”

This pretty sums up the Bungendore Mudchooks’ 2024 season so far  – two wins in trial matches, a win in the first round of the regular competition and then two defeats. But the mountain beckons and the top remains well within sight.

The Taralga Tigers defeated the Chooks 12-8 at Taralga on 27 May in a brutal game which was called off ten minutes early due to a serious injury. The result was far from settled when time was called, the Chooks well and truly in it, but denied the chance to bridge the small gap.

Another away game a week later, this time against the Braidwood Redbacks. The Mudchooks had several key players out due to injury or unavailability on the day. As a result, some were forced to play out of their regular positions and the substitutes’ bench was only half full.

The Mudchooks pretty much held their own in the first half and scored first with a penalty goal by Maloni Tubekitu, followed by an almost length of field try by winger Connor Costello. Not far out from his own line, he spotted a gap and went for it. Eighty metres later he still had work to do, stepping around two defenders to score.

After that the Redbacks started to take control, scoring two tries and leading 12-8 at half time. Using their full substitutes bench regularly, they were able to add 21 points in the second half to win 33-15 at the final whistle.

The Mudchooks’ seven second half points came from a converted try by flanker Jye Russell. Plenty of work to do for the Mudchooks, but the team is a solid one. Their cause is not helped at the moment by the growing injury list.

The team’s next two games are at home against ADFA on 11 May and the Hall Bushrangers the following Saturday, starting at 2.30pm. So get yourself down to the Mick Sherd Oval and show your support!

The player awards and their sponsors for the Taralga match were:
Best and Fairest: Royal Hotel – Kyle Shand (3 points), Jacob Cullen (2 points), Jye Russell (1 point)
Players’ Player: Mint Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – Kalib Maksimovic and Kyle Shand.
Coach’s Player: Bungendore Community Bank – Maloni Tubekitu.
Chicks’ Pick: MV Panel and Paint – Kyle Shand.

And for Braidwood:
Best and Fairest: Royal Hotel – Connor Costello (3 points), Kalib Maksimovic (2 points), Kyle Shand (1 point).
Players’ Player: Mint Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – Will Smith.
Coach’s Player: Bungendore Community Bank – Connor Costello.
Chicks’ Pick: MV Panel and Paint – Connor Costello.

Bungendore Mudchicks Vs Uni-North Owls

Story: Brooke Melavirta

The chicks played a very hard fought game this week, holding the owls out right down to the whistle. It all clicked for the chicks this week, working as a team and fighting right to the very end. 

Taryn Robson had a great game in 9, scoring two tries with one assist, kicking to the corner for Meredith Wells to chase down scoring a much needed try! Amylia Martin, her first year playing rugby put on some massive hits along with Dorothy Carroll, those two working together is something to watch! Gabrielle Klomp again having an absolute blinder, making some massive try saving tackles! Taylor Kay stepping up to vice captain this week proved that she is a senior leader in this team, didn’t stop talking all day! 

Coaches are incredibly proud of each and every one of the girls this week with Josh exclaiming, “this is what we’ve been working towards!” 

The final score was 28 – 32 with the Chicks just missing out right on the whistle. This week the chicks will be working more on set piece and keeping the mentality and team spirit at a high! 

The points for this round go to:
3 points sponsored by the Royal Hotel – Taryn Robson
2 points sponsored by Mint Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – Gabrielle Klomp
1 point sponsored by the Bungendore Community Bank – Amylia Martin
Coach’s Player – Taryn Robson